Why did I decide to become a Life and Parenting Coach?

Quite simply, I love to help people.  There is nothing that makes me feel more fulfilled than giving my clients a sense of empowerment and helping them feel like they are living their best lives possible.  I am a “people” person and through direct and supportive, weekly conversations, I can make you feel more purposeful and help you find the path to your dreams. If you are in a transition mode, we can explore ways to make you feel more settled and figure out your next steps.

I am a proud mother of three kids who were born and raised in NYC. I have learned a lot about the challenges of raising happy, healthy, well adjusted children. I have coached on many parenting issues and can help you improve your parent-child dynamic through all stages of development. 

I have a BSE from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from New York University. Until the birth of my 3 children, I had a flourishing career in marketing. Though I was successful in my traditional career, my true passion lies in coaching and helping people. My coaching education is through Mentor Coach which offers an accredited coaching program that is recognized by the International Coaching Federation. 

Please contact me for a free 45 minute consultation session. Coaching sessions thereafter are approximately 30-45 minutes and can be done in person or over the telephone..



Nancy Tepper Coaching